Sunday, June 18, 2006

April 18, 2006
I can't believe what I found today! Drew has been cranky because he had 4 back bottom molars come through last week. Today his top left molar has popped through. The poor little man! I couldn't believe that he had a mouth full of teeth - I was expecting the front bottom ones to come in first. Oops! I gave Drew Tylenol today and he was so much better.
Oh, some people have been asking about garden pictures, so I attached a few pictures I took of the house yesterday. You can see I have put John's flower beds to good use. I still have a few more roses and Vinca to put in, but for the most part everything has been planted!
April 16, 2006
It is Spring! The Williams have been gardening again this week; we just can't stop planting. John is now building me flower beds in the back yard for my garden. We have had a temporary house guest, a lab puppy, who decided that all my plants needed to be uprooted. I spent much of Sunday replanting my garden. I have determined that I do NOT want a dog. I really can't believe I am saying that after all these years. No one who knows me would every think to hear those words come out of my mouth. I have cleaned up too many messes for one week!
John also worked on the shed again this weekend. I cleaned out the shed and marveled at how many gardening products I have. I also spent some time planting my "Vinca" in the front yard, and adding an organic moisturizing mulch to my flower beds. I can't believe how clean the flower beds look with the new mulch. I started to plant watermelon and corn via seeds this past week, I am anxious to see if they will actually grow. My strawberry's are already sending me juicey berries and my tomatoes are right behind. I learned a valuable lesson on the necessity for hard soled shoes while working with John in the garage. We were clamping down some wood for the back flower beds when the metal sea clamp fell off and landed right on my bare toe. Ouch! I will not wear sandals any more when working with heavy tools.
"Ti Ti" Julie and Ruben came to visit for the three day weekend. We all had so much fun dying eggs and watching King Kong . John had fun teaching us how to "properly" dye eggs by blowing out the insides and then dyeing them with food coloring. Drew thought the eggs were neat too. He picked one up and threw is on the tile floor. thinking it was a ball. He then proceeded to pick it up and put the shell in his mouth. We gave him a plastic egg to play with after that. We all went to church on Saturday night and enjoyed worshiping together. Drew loved playing in the nursery, however, when we went to pick him up he got so excited that he tripped and split his lip open. He did this just in time for the family Easter pictures. That night we went back to Nana's house for a wonderful Easter dinner of ham, potatoes, salads, and angel food cake.
John is doing great in school, he has straight A's this term. He is anxious for October to come so he can play more in the garage and with Drew. John also stepped up and did a lot of the household chores around the house for me. I had a slight meltdown feeling totally overwhelmed with life, so John took over. What a loving husband! It was so nice to know that there is a handsome hunk there to pick me up when I fall down!
We spend a few evenings this week catching up with friends. We had the Tyson's over for dinner tonight, and our neighbors over on Friday night. Drew loved all the extra attention. He has not been getting to bed at his usual 7:00 bedtime due to dinners out, and visiting with family. I realized this morning the huge stress it is on Drew when his routine is not kept. The poor dear woke up this morning at 11:30 am . I couldn't believe it. He combined his nighttime sleep with his morning nap and almost slept in until noon . He then proceeded to take a 2 1/2 hour afternoon nap from 2-4:30!
This evening we all went for a family walk enjoying our cool evening, Drew had fun putting his Popsicle in daddy's ear! It was so funny, Drew was riding on Daddy's shoulders, he would take a lick and then stick the end in John's ear. By the time we were done John's shirt, face and hair were covered in red Popsicle!
The Williams

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