Monday, May 8, 2006

May 8, 2006
H ow does one describe the weekend I just had- I am not sure that I can fully put everything into words, but here is my feeble attempt.
This weekend John and I went to the Gaylord Texan for a weekend of marriage strengthening. We have been looking forward to this weekend for months! I was looking forward to sleeping in a King size bed just like when we were on our honeymoon. When we arrived, we were told that there were no King size rooms left, so we would have to settle for a queen. I was quite upset (I booked our room 6 months ago and specifically asked for a King), but after speaking with a manager was given a Suite! Wow! The retail price on this room was over 500.00 per night. This was the beginning of a fantastic weekend.
Friday night the Weekend To Remember conference began, the subject was on the "5 Threats to Oneness." The first night was funny, enlightening, serious, and the homework questions were very direct & powerful. The rest of the conference was similar, just with difference topics like conflict resolution & Intimacy in Marriage . John and I had ample free time to talk, answer questions, walk around the beautiful grounds, eat, drink coffee, etc. I don't think I have emotionally processed everything! Going into the conference I would say we had a very solid marriage, after this conference I would say we have the tools to grow even closer and stable. The amazing thing about this conference is that it is geared towards everyone, the couple on the verge of divorce, newlyweds, empty nesters, there were even couples who had been married more than ½ a century. One couple we knew had been separated, after the conference they were excited to move back in together and work on their marriage.
John and I made an agreement when we married in 2003 to do one marriage enhancing class each year. The first year we went to see a Five Love Language seminar by Gary Chapmen. Year Two we did a 12 week class at our church called 2Becoming1. This is our third year, and by far this was the best marriage conference we have ever been to. If you and your spouse are interested in going, the conference is held in over 150 cities each year. To sign up for a Weekend To Remember Conference visit . You won't regret it. In fact, Familylife is so confident that you will love it that they offer a money back guarantee. If you have any questions about the conference please feel free to e-mail me ( John and I are both excited about attending again next year!

Drew stayed with my mom the whole weekend while we were away. He did so well, I don't even think he missed us! We sure did miss him though! Drew's temper tantrums have subsided for a few weeks, but he left his little attitude behind. Lately, he has had an attitude with me when I ask him to do something. He has even taken to stomping his feet in defiance. Wow! Isn't this suppose to happen at age 2? Drew has been a little better since his molars came in. He has been getting a lot of stern talking to, I hope we don't have to go further in the disciple progress. He tries so hard most of the time to obey, he just has a few freak out moments each day - normally near dinner and bedtime. Drew has a few new words - happy, tree, & sky. He is jabbering a ton, we think he is speaking Chinese! Drew is still very very active and loves to run around in the yard! He is such a joy to watch grow up! We love him so much and thank God daily for our precious gift!

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