Thursday, May 4, 2006

May 4, 2006
What a week we have had! It all began Friday afternoon with a windy and rainy drive to Oklahoma for Julie and Ruben's wedding shower. The party was wonderful, mom and I enjoyed meeting a lot of Julie and Ruben's friends. Drew was sadly missed because he stayed home with John. Poor John watched Drew and finished his finals for school. On Saturday Julie, Mom and I went out for breakfast and enjoyed chatting around our coffee cups. The weather outside was very wet! The storm the night before actually created a tornado which touched down at the Race Track closest to our house. I was very glad not to be there. John heard the siren and instead of grabbing Drew and running for shelter, he went back to sleep. I was little miffed! Our long drive home began around 11:00 am , you will now read about the insane events that transpired.
We left Ruben's apartment a little after 11:00 am , we quickly said good-bye in the pouring rain and drove off. Not a half mile from Ruben's the car stalled at a stop sign. I thought it was a little weird, but turned the car back on and drove off. The next stop sign appeared and the car stalled again. I was a little worried by this point but thought that if I could just get to the freeway I would be fine. Well, I turned onto the main road and quickly discovered my plan was not going to work. The car died right in the middle of traffic and refused to turn on. Then, God sent us a Baptist Preacher! He quickly pulled in-front of my car and pushed me into a parking lot. We checked the oil and looked under the hood. The car was submerged in water and it looked like the car wasn't able to breath due to all the water. So, after getting the name of a mechanic, we sat in the parking lot waiting for the car to dry off. I called John and he thought that if we waited about an hour the car would dry off and we could make it back home. I called Julie to see if she could come get us. She called me back a few moments later, unable to find Ruben's keys. She thought maybe they were left in our car. So we looked, but didn't find anything. Julie thought she had locked them in the trunk of Ruben's car so they called AAA to come unlock the trunk. In the mean time her friend came and picked Julie up. Mom and I had Julie follow us to the freeway to make sure the car ran ok, it worked great. Next, about 30 minutes later I noted that we needed gas, so I pulled over at a gas station and started to fill up the car. As I was filling the rain started to come down even harder, so I scooted over the gas handle towards the shelter. However, my coat snagged on the gas handle and the gas sprayed all over myself, the car, and my clothes. The worst part was that my right eye was burning a lot! I calmly turned the gas pump off and knocked on the passenger side door. Mom gave me a bottle of water and I flushed my eye out. After about 20 minutes we left the gas station and drove down I-35 toward Texas . After another 20 minutes Julie called and said that the keys were not in the trunk. We pulled over again and looked in the car for the keys. We still didn't find them. Alas, we arrived home smelling like gas around 3:30 in the afternoon. What a drive! When I get to heaven I am going to ask God why we had such a time getting home. Oh, Julie eventually found her keys on Monday, they had fallen behind a desk.
This week has not been a good week for Drew. He is teething still and has a cold. He has also discovered temper tantrums and is averaging 3-4 meltdowns a day. The great part is that he only throws them for Mommy. Oh the joys! I am struggling with what Drew actually comprehends, I hate to discipline him for something he didn't understand. He seems to be selective, he only understands the things he wants to to! His most recent tantrums occurred because he didn't get something he wanted. Today he has been a little better. I have had to stick to my guns and walk away from his little fits. He really hates that. I did get him to say please this morning at breakfast though, so we are making a little progress. I know he is just starting to test the boundary's. Hopefully, he will have a better attitude tomorrow! It is so great that we are leaving him with my mom for a much needed weekend away. We are headed to the Gaylord Texan for the Weekend To Remember marriage conference. We are leaving Friday afternoon and won't return until late Sunday afternoon. I just pray Drew is good for my mom and sleeps well!
Please keep us in your prayers!

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