Wednesday, April 26, 2006

March 26, 2006
I can't believe it is Spring already! I spent the whole weekend at Home Depot and Lowe's picking out my flowers for this year. My house looks like a pit, but the yard looks so beautiful now! Let me tell you what Drew did over his weekend, on Saturday my mom and I took Drew to Home Depot to visit daddy, and to drool over all the new plants. Drew was a little angel, even though he missed his nap! We took him to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then watched him play with all the "big kids." Mom and I had so much fun, I even talked her into buying a Bradford Pear Tree for her back yard. Drew, mom and I spent the rest of the day getting filthy in her backyard. Oh, and of course we went to the Goodwill first thing on Saturday morning. I found a few (20) new outfits for my "gently used" children's clothing business. Speaking of that, I hope to have the website up on May 1 st. That may be a little too soon, but it is my goal. I almost have my business plan complete, and the WebPage and software has been purchased. I have also been inventorying all the clothing - it is taking a long time and I can only do about 20 items a night before a headache comes on from squinting so much.

Drew learned a few new things this week. He started to break dance with his head, crawl backwards, and run into mommy's arms and plant a big wet kiss right on her mouth! We are still working on please and thank you, but he is trying a little more to say them in context. Drew still loves to play outside and is already getting a tan from being outside too often. Drew loves to play with sticks and just about anything that is big and awkward to carry. John and I have been working on teaching Drew to fold his hands and pray with us before we eat dinner. This week he finally realized that the hand motion is quite similar to clapping, so now he sometimes claps through our dinnertime prayer. It is really cute!

John is as busy as ever, working and going to school. However, despite his hectic schedule he and Drew were able to clean up the garage this week and add another shelf to my shed in the backyard. Now all my gardening tools and supplies fit nicely in the shed! I really appreciate all his hard work in building me a gardening shed, It is so nice to have everything in one place.

I hope this week your home is filled with Love, Joy and Peace!


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