Tuesday, April 4, 2006

April 4, 2006
This week was full of excitement! On Friday & Saturday I went with my friend Shannon to a parenting conference at Irving Bible Church. The class was great and really reinforced the way John and I are already parenting little Drew. This seminar was teaching on heart issues in children. The class was designed to discover the real reason behind the defiance, instead of punishing to change behavior. It also addressed the necessity for consistency and routine. After the seminar we took the kids to Chick-Fil-A to eat and of course play. Drew had so much fun running all over and playing with the big kid! That evening we all went to church and then home for some relaxation.
John had to work on Sunday, but we met him at Southlake Town Center! We drank Jamba Juice and played in the town square. Drew played soccer with some children and fell over at least 20 times. He is running everywhere these days and has a lot of bumps and bruises!
Drew discovered his voice this week - he has also discovered that he can yell! He thinks that the louder he talks the better! The past few nights I have had a headache from all the noise. His favorite thing to do is run around the house yelling "da-da-da" or "ma-ma-ma" or "na-na-na!" He thinks if he yells "da-da" at the garage door that his daddy will magically appear!
Drew has been helping me garden this week, he loves to carry my spade around and dig in the dirt. He is spending a ton of time in the backyard, so of course I convinced John to build me some planting beds in the back yard. Actually, John is going to teach me so I can make them myself, since he is so busy! I determined that I needed more space when my green bean plants started to pop up. I started them from seed, and silly me thought that one package was perfect for the small area in my backyard. What I didn't realize was that all 50 seeds I planted were going to pop up! I really don't know what I was thinking! I am giving beans away to neighbors and friends, and still have way too many!

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