Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April 25, 2006

As you can see I have been learning new and exciting web page features. I really am enjoying learning new and fun designs. Who knew a simple little web page would launch me into an online business. Drewscloset.com is still in the process of being set up. I am supposed to meet with the web page designer this week. Hopefully, with the little I know about web pages I can maintain everything myself once it is up and running. My plan to be up and running by May 1 st probably isn't going to happen. John is finished with his finals this week, so hopefully he will be able to help me out a little. I have most of the clothes inventoried; John is going to help me with the pictures. I do have my e-mail set up, so please feel free to send messages to Melissa@drewscloset.com!

This weekend Mom and I are going to drive to Oklahoma for Julie's wedding shower. I am looking forward to a nice break from the normal routine. Drew is still cutting teeth and has been very active this week. We spent today in the garden planting my Cascading Petunias. I hope they grow to look like their picture! Today John had the day off, so he took Drew to Cabbella's. Drew was able to see the giant elephant and the fish.

I weighed Drew today, he is a whopping 24 pounds!

John bought be Pilate's a few months ago, I have really been enjoying the Ab workout. I am very excited to have lost over 10 pounds. Who knew a 20 minute workout 3 times a week could be so motivating. I also started meeting with a sweet lady from church named Julie. She is a wonderful older women who helps younger women like myself with life issues. We meet once a week and are doing a study called 24 Healthy Habits for Families. I am so excited to have someone to hold me accountable! I have been mentoring someone for 2 years, but have been praying for a mentor for myself. Julie is a huge answer to my prayers. The Lord is doing some wonderful things in our home and community!

John and I are anxiously awaiting our weekend away at the Family Life Marriage Conference. We are staying at the nicest hotel in the metroplex - the Gaylord Texan! My mom is watching Drew all weekend, it will be my first weekend away from Drew, but I think I will handle it just fine!

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