Saturday, March 4, 2006

March 4, 2006
Hi everyone! I just wanted to share what I've been up to the past few weeks. First, I went to Oregon and visited with my grandparents. I had so much fun and was spoiled rotten. My best friend Peyton came down from Seattle and visit. She came with her mommy Mrs. Melody. We all went to Multnomah Falls and up to Mt. Hood. We also went to Grandpa Mike's property in Silverton and toured around down town Portland. Mommy was very sad when Peyton and Melody had to return home to Seattle.
While we were in Beaverton my mom visited with her best friend Bethany and her new son John Paul Opferman the IV. I was able to visit a little too. Little Johnny was very cute and adorable. You can see pictures on the pictures page, or at Bethany's webpage
On Monday Mommy left me with my Grandma Patti for the day. I had so much fun being spoiled! We played with all the great toys Grandma bought and then went to Lowe's to get some decorating idea. Grandma Patti also made a wonderful dinner for Mom, Melody Peyton, and of course me.. It was so yummy!
Daddy spent a few days over in Silverton with Grandpa Mike, Grandma Carol, Howard, and David. They all camped out on the new property. They shot rifles and cleared some of the area where Grandpa's shop will someday be. Daddy had a much-needed break from school and work. I was little sad that I couldn't hang out with the guys, but Daddy promised I could when I get a little older.
On Thursday night Daddy took Mommy to the Portland White House for a get-a-way night. It was the first time Mommy has left me overnight with anyone. Mommy was little nervous but was thrilled to have a night off. Both her and Daddy had a wonderful time at the White House, they didn't get the same room they had on their Wedding night, but it was still a great room! I had a blast with my Grandpa Mike and Grandma Carol. I was very good and only made Grandpa Mike change my dirty pants once! Oh, I played in the garage with Gradnpa Mike and felt quite at home with my new playground!

Well, we returned home and spent a week catching back up on all the household chores. Mommy did a ton of laundry and caught up on work. She also stressed about processing her first corporate payroll which actually went off without any errors! She was quite relieved. Now Mommy is back to work closing the month as usual. Daddy spent the whole week writing papers for his finals. This past morning Daddy went to bed at 6:30 am. He did finish his final though. This week starts another new quarter, only three more to go! Daddy is getting quite good at school and already knows that he received an "A" in one of his classes. We are so proud of him!

I really blossomed this week learning new words and getting into all kinds of new things. A few new words this week were: happy, thank you, nana (for Banana, not for my Nana who lives down the street), ball, and cup. Daddy doesn't really understand me when I say them, but Mommy knows! I am also getting so good at asking for things instead of whining.. I now go and get Mommy and walk her over to what I want. She is so proud that I am no longer throwing so many fits for things. One new thing I started this past week is waving bye-bye to someone whenever I hear the jiggling of keys. Mommy things it is adorable! I still am madly in love with my puppy and must take him wherever I go. He got very dirty on our trip to Oregon, but Mommy washed him in the washing machine so he is back to his normal color.

Please pray for Mommy as she is thinking about starting her own business on the side. See, she has found so many bargains at the Goodwill that she can't justify buying me any more clothes. So, she is thinking about starting an online retail store for children's clothes. She is going to name her business after me and call it "Drew's Closet." Doesn't that sound cool? She is meeting with a web page designer/friend this coming week. Please pray for us as we start taking steps to design all the web pages details. Also pray that Mommy will be able to make time for this new venture.

Well off to sleep with me. I hope this catches you up on a few of the things I've been up to since writing last.


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