Friday, February 3, 2006

February 3, 2006

Drew here, I have been such a good boy this week. Daddy has been home more so I have been playing a lot in the garage. Also, my friend Jonathan is staying at our house so I have someone to play with at night. Life is so wonderful! I have learned how to run this week. I start at the top of the driveway and lean forward. The faster I move my legs the more fun I have. I still can't quite get the stopping at the sidewalk part though. I also love to dance to music and sway back and forth. My favorite toy, hands down, is my puppy! I love him so much. This week I loved him enough to put him in the bathtub when Mommy wasn't looking. He got all wet. I also love my stuffed musical Pooh Bear - Mommy found him face down in the toilet yesterday!

This week I went with Mommy to the Goodwill and played at Nana's house. Mommy has been taking me on walks around the neighborhood and playing with me outside. On Sunday I went to church and played with the other children in the nursery. I love to be dropped off! I played so hard and when Mommy came to get me I wasn't quite ready to leave yet. One of the girls that was watching me said I was the sweetest baby!

Daddy has been doing a lot of homework and Mommy has been cleaning up after me a lot. Now that I am mobile I make a lot of messes. I am eating solid foods and I make such a mess. Mommy is very tired of cleanup up my high chair messes - one days she cleaned the high chair off 8 times. Oh, I went to the doctor for my 1 year well baby checkup. My Daddy took me! He was the only man in the waiting room. Here are my new stats:

Weight: 19 lbs 8oz 5-25% I lost a little weigh because I am walking so much!
Length: 27 ½" 3% I have gained exactly 10 inches in 1 year
Head: 44 ¼ cm 10%

I have to go back in one month to get my shots, I had a cold so they didn't give me any shots. The doctor asked Daddy if I was crawling well, Daddy looked at him weird and said "He is already running around the house." I definitely shocked the doctor.

Well back to work with me, I have some wrenches to play with in the garage!


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