Wednesday, January 4, 2006

January 4, 2006
This week Drew had his first haircut, he looks like a big boy now! He was so good for the barber; he played with some toys and sat in this cute little plane while he had his haircut. What a star!
Drew has been walking and running all over the house. He has discovered that if he moves his legs faster he can move quicker. He takes a lot of tumbles in a day, but loves the freedom walking provides. We have recently started placing the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs so Drew won't climb up them. He is still petrified of the vacuum.
John just finished up my flower beds. They look so professional! He finished up the lighting today - the whole project looks beautiful. I can't believe that the project is complete! Many of our neighbors have stopped by and admired John's hard work .They all thought he was a professional mason! I will post some pictures this week so you can see what I am writing about. Drew has been playing a lot outside with John. Drew loves to play and will cry if daddy goes into the garage without him. Drew still loves his drill and hammer. Today Drew played in the garage while John worked on the lighting. Drew was walking all over the garage like he owned the place. My sister Julie thought it was quite cute!
This week we spent a few days with some good friends over the first! Our friends Melody, Jeff, and Payton Stringer are moving to Seattle Washington. We helped them load up and clean out their apartment too. We are so sad to see them go. I will especially miss Melody, she is such a sweet and godly friend. Please pray for them as they relocate and try and find jobs in Seattle. Drew will really miss Payton. She is only about a month older than Drew and they love to play together. The good news is that we will all see each other next month when our family visit's Portland ! The Stringers will be driving down from Seattle so we can show them all over Portland. John is able to come back to Oregon this trip! He hasn't been to Oregon in almost a year. It will be great for him to visit with family and friends.
Oh, and I must confess. My mother has me hooked on shopping at the Goodwill! I hadn't ever thought of looking for baby cloths there. I have gone in twice in the past month and found the best deals on Baby Gap, Gymboree, and Children's World clothing! They all look brand new and cost a fraction of the price. I had been shopping at resale shops for Drew's clothes, but they are still 6-7 dollars an item. I have found the cutest outfits at the Goodwill for under 2 dollars. I am so excited!
Well I better say goodnight! I hope you enjoy all the pictures of Drew's First Haircut!


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