Saturday, January 14, 2006

January 14, 2006
Drew had his eye teeth come in today. Poor boy, he has been crying all day long. The right one has just cut through, and the left one is still in the process. I hope they come in by tonight, it will be a long night. Also, Drew has had a terrible diaper rash for weeks - it seems. I finally bought the Dr. Smiths diaper rash ointment because it is suppose to be the best. When I checked on Drew this afternoon the only red left were tiny dots - which means he has a bacterial infection. I guess we will be going to the doctor again on Monday.
January 13, 2006
Garage Play is now one of Drew's favorite pastimes! When he is cranky I now ask myself... has Drew played in the garage today? I know it seems crazy, but he LOVES the garage. He plays with brooms and wood and boxes and toddles all around. He is in heaven, especially when daddy is in the garage watching him. He won't complain when I am the one watching, but he prefers daddy. When John goes into the garage to get something, Drew is immediately in tow. He gets so upset if John goes into the garage and then comes right back in. Drew is no longer my little boy. He walks around the house getting into everything never stopping to catch his breath. I can't believe how life has changed in less than a year.
Well, John and I just celebrated our 3 rd wedding anniversary on the 11 th of January. We were going to go out for dinner, but I hurt my back and was stuck on the couch for most the evening. So, we went out the next night. We ate at the Olive Garden and then visited Lowe's for John's portion of the date. We had a lot of fun! I was a little disappointed that none of the Spring flowers were out yet, but that might because it is still winter. You wouldn?t know it though - yesterday it was 80 degrees! My plants are quite confused and are already starting to come into bloom. I am so excited to start planting. I just found a new climbing yellow rose bush that I am going to plant this weekend.
Well, in perfect Williams fashion, a new year brings new changes for our family. John will start a new job next week. Can you guess where? Yes, it is for Home Depot. He is quite excited about the change. John also started a new quarter in school. He has been swamped with homework. John is still scheduled to graduate on my birthday - October 21 st. We are so excited about these new changes and look forward to how God is going to use them..
We are looking forward to seeing everyone in another month!
Melissa & John & Baby Drew

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