Saturday, January 29, 2005

Drew's First Month

2/16/05 - We updated our website so you can all see more pictures of the baby!

2/12/05 - Well, Nana left to return to Oregon today. It was so sad to say goodbye. Now real life with a baby will start. I won't have someone to cook, clean, and do my filing for work! It was so hard to say good-bye because I knew that my "real" life was now beginning. It will take a few weeks to get a routine into place.

Drew has officially turned into a baby. He is sleeping less and is eating a ton! John and I went to a Valentines day party at church last night and Nana watched Drew. I left about 3 oz of breast milk as an emergency, but since Drew had never had a bottle I didn't think it would work. When we returned home my mom had given him the 3 oz in the bottle - he guzzled it down in 5 minutes. He then was hungry an hour later and she put 3 oz of formula in the bottle and he guzzled that down. I think Drew is going through a growth spurt. He now weighs over 7 pounds!

2/7/05 - Drew had his first doctor visit this morning. He weighed in at 6 pounds 8 oz. He is still sleeping a lot and waking only to eat. The doctor still couldn't believe he had so much hair!

1/28/05 - Little Drew is the most perfect baby! He sleeps all the time and only cries when I am changing his diaper or dressing him. I hope this lasts! After a difficult few days Drew finally figured out how to breastfeed - I was getting worried because he was loosing so much weight.
Drew's Nana and Aunt arrived last night. He is loving all the additional attention! His Aunt even gave his head of hair a bath. He loved the warm water.

Remembering - See the delightful pump attached to my pants? That was connected to my leg!

1/26/05 - John Andrew Williams has finally arrived! He is a very healthy and happy baby boy. The doctors said he is as healthy as most 40 week old baby's. We just arrived home from the hospital today , January 26th! Little Drew loves to eat and he also loves to be swaddled. We had the whole home group from church show up last night to meet the newest Williams. It was quite a special moment. Well, Drew just woke up so I better get going, I will write more later.

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