Monday, December 19, 2005

Guess Who is Walking!
Drew started to walk on 12/19. We knew he could walk if he really wanted to, but he rarely did. Then on Monday, he just started to walk! He took about 12 steps and just smiled at us. It was so cute! Now, he loves to walk for mommy and daddy - he loves the kisses and claps he gets too. I hope to post a video of it soon!
Drew is also waving a lot and dancing. Whenever his little Fisher Price toy starts to play music he bounces up and down. It is very cute. Drew has been a little under the weather lately, but that hasn't stopped him from having fun. His favorite thing to do every morning is to throw mommy's magazines on the floor! He also loves to play with mommy's cell phone and other things with buttons. Oh, he loves buttons!
I can't believe how big Drew is getting. He has stopped nursing this week. Out of the blue he started to refuse, I hoped he would wait until he was 1, but no luck. Drew still loves for you to read him books. His favorite book is the Wheels on the Bus.
Well, I better get back to taking more pictures. John bought me a new digital camera for Christmas and I have been going more crazy than normal with it.

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