Monday, November 28, 2005

October 28, 2005
Drew went to the doctor today for this 9 month checkup. The doctor was so impressed with Drew's strength and she couldn't believe he was so happy and joyful. Drew was such a trooper, even when he had his shot. He was so charming and smiled at everyone. The doctor was especially impressed with the fact that he is drinking from a sippy cup without any help. He is also about to have his top two teeth pop through.
Weight: 19lbs 14oz 25-50%
Head Circumference: 43 1/3cm 10-25%
Length: 26 1/4 3%
I can't wait to post pictures of our finished flower beds. The sprinkler system has been re-engineered and the rebar is in place. The final step is laying the wire over the sand. Then, we can lay the foundations. This project is a lot more work than I anticipated. It is a great thing that Patti is here to help! I have really learned a lot this past week and am anxious to get the cement poured. This project has really made me appreciate my sweet and tallented husband. I don't know how he can fit so much information into his head and remember it all! He retains everything he hears or reads - word for word. I am impressed, he makes such a great leader!

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