Thursday, November 3, 2005

November 3, 2005
Crabby would best describe the past week - Drew is getting his top two teeth in, he has had a low grade fever and runny stools which has led to diaper rashes. Drew has not been sleeping very well; he has woken up an average of twice each night. Poor little man! He may also be fussy from his shot last Friday.
We have been playing around the house a lot because John has also been a little under the weather. We did manage to pour the cement frame on the side of the house Tuesday. John ended up mixing the cement with his hands because the drill he was using to stir the mix wasn't powerful enough. It was a very funny process to watch! Drew was fascinated with watching John work. He really wanted to get out of his stroller and help. He just didn't understand it when I told him he wasn't old enough.
On Monday, October 31 st, we cooked a great dinner and entertained my mom and her friend Rebecca, from Oregon . We were planning on going to Trunk Fest at our church, but Drew had been fussy and it rained most of the day. I did dress Drew up a few days later for the pictures. He wore his cowboy outfit that Auntie Beth gave him. He looked so adorable.
John is busy working and writing papers for school. I have been busy hanging out with my Nana and baking! I also managed to shampoo the carpets downstairs. Oh my where they dirty! I was able to get all of Drew's spit up stains off the carpet & furniture! I am hoping to get the upstairs done this weekend.
Drew and I will be in Oregon from 11/12-11/19 and would love to visit everyone. Please give me a call on my cell (503) 407-0786 and I can tell you where we will be when. I think I will be in Eugene on Sunday the 13 th for an early Sutherland Thanksgiving and then on to Beaverton for a few day. I will then drive back to Grants Pass to visit with my family.
I can't wait to see everyone in another week!

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