Friday, November 25, 2005

November 25, 2005

What an incredible three weeks our family has had! Drew has been growing and learning a ton of things this month. He is now saying "Ma Ma" on a consistent basis, normally when he wants something. He also has started giving slobbery kisses and sweet hugs. His favorite toy is his puppy that he must sleep with every night. When he finds his puppy he throws him up and down while saying "woof - woof" which sounds like "ru-ru". It is quite hysterical. He also loves to shake his upper body to music and pretend he is dancing to music. This is especially humorous at bedtime. Last night he woke up around 11:00 pm and I went in to make sure he was ok. When he saw me he smiled really big and started to dance in his crib. It was so cute that I couldn't just leave him there - so I brought him to bed with me for a few minutes. Drew has also learned to wave bye-bye and is trying to clap. His clapping skills need some work!

Last week I flew to Oregon for a special visit with family and friends. Drew was horrible on the plane- mental note to self - Do not fly early in the morning or give your child a decongestant! Drew was so tired from getting up early, and from the medicine, but he refused to sleep, instead he fussed and whined the whole flight. Needless to say there were some very angry people sitting around me. Once in Medford, we enjoyed some time with my Nana, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Drew even saw his first video game - much to my dismay. Drew was hooked instantly to the controller and the wide screen TV.. It was so much fun seeing everyone in Grants Pass. Drew was such a trooper. He slept very well on our drive up to Eugene for Thanksgiving, and again that evening when I drove us to Beaverton. In Beaverton Drew and I stayed with my best friend Bethany and her husband John. Bethany is due to have a little "Johnny" in February. Drew and I showed them a little taste of reality when Drew awoke from bedtime to the sound of their garage door opening. He was awake crying off and on for the next two hours. John said the next morning that he wished he had just missed the garbage pickup! I can't wait to see Bethany in February! I have already purchased tickets to return. I can't wait to hold a little baby again. Drew has been growing so much lately. His last checkup put him at over 20 pounds. While in Beaverton we stayed two nights with Grandma Patti. Drew enjoyed playing a lot with Grandma Patti's toys. She had an enormous "woody" doll that Drew was especially impressed with. Our final night was spent with Grandpa Mike and Carol, where Drew discovered their stairs. Drew also enjoyed seeing his two uncles - Scotty and David. The boys were so excited because they had just returned home from hunting and for the first time in almost 10 years bagged an elk. John was so disappointed that he was unable to attend this years hunting trip. He really wanted to be there so he could be in on this amazing story that will be told and retold for the next decade.
Drew and I also visited with the Pete and Pam Constuantine while in Beaverton. I also saw my mom's good friend Susan Elliot and her family - it was here that Drew discoverd how to climb stairs, he got even better when we visited Grandpa Mikes house! We also had a wonderful lunch with Judy and Bob Sanders. I even was able to see David Sanders who just recently returned from Russia. I saw my friend Leanne from my old work and her little girl Amaya who was born on my Birthday. All in all it was a very relaxing trip with visits from a lot of good friends!
Drew and I returned to Grants Pass with a brief stop in Eugene. We had fun visiting Drew's Great Grandpa Al. It was a great time to visit and chat. Drew thankfully slept all the way back to Grants Pass that evening. We stayed in Grants Pass for the next few days, relaxing and visiting with family.
The flight back to Texas was late in the evening and was very pleasant. The only bump was when we discovered that we had boarded the wrong plane in Medford - actually everyone had been loaded on the wrong plane. We all had to get off and move to another plane. It all worked out though; Drew flirted with the flight attendant on the first leg to San Francisco. She was so nice, when Drew got a little fussy, and I was thinking "Not this again...," she took him to the front of the plane and rocked him to sleep. He slept through the landing and everyoness exit. I hated to wake him up, but had to in order to get him off the plane. The second flight was in the evening and Drew thankfully slept most of the way. I was even able to watch the provided movie. It was very relaxing. John picked us up at 12:00pm and surprised me with our missing kitty Winston. Winston always seems to know when someone is going on a trip. He ran away right before our trip to Oregon in May 2005. John was so happy to have everyone home again. He said it was too quiet around the house and he missed Drew too much. So, when we come back to Oregon in February John will be coming too!

We had a perfect Thanksgiving this year! Last year Julie and John planned everything since I was banished to the bed, so this year I went all out. We had Turkey, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, fresh baked rolls, broccoli salad, gravy, mashed potatoes, and two homemade pies! We had a lot of family and friends to share the wonderful meal with. This year we read the Pilgrims Thanksgiving story and marveled at all the miraculous events that took place in order for the colony to be established. We all realized just how blessed we are. We also shared what we are thankful for. Since John and I have been married I have written down our thanksgivings and placed them in a book. This year I decided to move those to a scrapbook that can be saved and passed on to future generations. Our only regret was that we were not able to spend Thanksgiving with more of our family back in Oregon. We had many things to thank God over this year. I have posted them on the storie page incase your curious!

Well, enough rambling I must get back to my fussy child. Drew's top tooth is still trying to push through and he has been extra challenging today,


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