Wednesday, October 5, 2005

October 5, 2005 Drew's second tooth is starting to come through. Now he has two bottom front teeth. He is now so mobile that John spent much of his two days off building a baby gate at the top of our stairs. It looks beautiful! I will post some pictures tomorrow. I think it is the most structurally sound gate I have ever seen. There is no way he will fall down the stairs now!
Drew has been filling his days with lots of naps and playing. He is starting to get "shy" with people too. He is so cute, when he meets someone new, he tucks his chin to his chest and gives a shy little smile while his head is cocked to the left. If the person smiles back he brings his head up and smiles really big. It is so funny. Drew met his great Nana again a few days ago. He is having fun playing over at this Nana's right now.
John just finished his second quarter in school. He is doing so well! His last class was passed with an "A" and it was a writing class! In the past John has said that was his worst subject.

October 1, 2005 Drew had his first tooth pop through today! We are so excited! I noticed it this morning when I was giving Drew a bath. It is his bottom right tooth.

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