Wednesday, September 7, 2005

September 7, 2005
7 ½ Months
Hi you' all! I discovered how to get around this week! I am now getting in the crawling position and then leaning back to sit up. Mommy and Daddy are very impressed because normally you learn to crawl before you learn to sit up! Now that I can sit up Daddy had to move my crib down a notch. Mommy was so sad because it represented one more step towards maturity and independence! Mommy and Daddy have been having a really fun time encouraging me to crawl. I can get about three feet before I fall on my tummy. If I get frustrated I start to roll to where I am going, Mommy is really worried that I will be walking soon.. I always want to stand up and walk while holding moms hands. Once I can crawl and pull myself up I will teach myself how to walk. Look out!
This week I went and visited my friend Payton, Payton is a month and a half older than me. Mommy and Daddy had dinner with her parents and I got to play with my friend. I watched her crawl all over. I learned to share toys and not to poke others in the eye! This past Sunday, I went to the nursery and stayed for both services. I am not quite so anxious to see mommy and daddy leave me anymore.
My Great Nana had an accident this week and fractured a vertebra in her neck. She now must wear a brace on her neck and upper body. That doesn't sound like much fun! My Great Nana will be coming to visit me in Texas soon; I can't wait to spend time with her! She will be staying with my Nana down the road from my house. I have been playing at Nana's new house down the road. She has a playroom for me! Daddy is building her some book shelves for all her children's books. I love to play with a giant cow rocker that she was given! I ride it in the living room and feel like a big boy. Please pray for my Great Nana, that she would not be in pain and that God would give her " His peace that surpasses all understanding, will guard her heart, and soul, and mind."
On less than joyful note, Mommy and Daddy have been trying to teach themselves, and me, about God's compassion and generosity by modeling this in their own lives. As many of you know, Hurricane Katrina has devastated lives all over our country. Please pray for those who were displaced from their homes. Over 75,000 people have been brought to our state, 25,000 of those are located in our area. Mommy and Daddy have signed up to house a family who lost their home in the hurricane. Please begin to pray for the family that God may send to live with us, Please pray that our family would treat this family with love and compassion, placing all their needs above our own,.

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