Thursday, September 22, 2005

September 22, 2005

8 Months Old
This past Saturday Mommy took me to the Jazz festival down town. Daddy had to study so he couldn't go. So, mommy and I went with some friends that have a little girl my age. I had such a great time listening to the music, playing with musical instruments, and of course eating! It was so fun. I imitated everything my little friend Payton was doing. I also had to know where she was all the time. In the middle of the afternoon we were really hot so Mommy came up with the most brilliant idea. She noticed that there was a team penning competition in the Roy Rogers Arena - right next to the place we were at. So we went to the air conditioned arena and watched the horses! Mommy was in heaven, so was her friend Melody. We watched horses chase cows around the arena, it was really fun. Afterwards we went to the museum and played in the water. That is where I fell in. Mom was trying to take a picture of me sitting by the water and well I was so hot that I crawled really close to the water. I sat up so mommy thought I wasn't going to get any closer, but she was wrong. As she clicked the button on the camera I did a face first dive into the little stream. Mom scooped me up with the same hand that still held her camera. When I came up I just smiled at her - so happy to be cooled off. Mommy was so embarrassed! We went back to my stroller where it was determined that the camera still worked. After that mom took me home for a nice long nap.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Stringer and Peyton came over to our house to go swimming. We went to the big kid pool with a fun slide. I played in the water and crawled all around. I have been a little crabby though because I am getting my new teeth in - hopefully! We swam and then when home and daddy barbequed hamburgers. I had a lot of fun showing Peyton my toys and how I can crawl all around.
Mommy had her first MOPS (Mothers of Pre-schoolers) meeting this past week. She had so much fun. They had a "Favorite Things" party. Mommy learned all kinds of fun and practical things like: the fun & practical uses for teaching me baby sign language, the wonderful aroma of the new Downy fabric softner, how to make real "southern" tea, where the best flea markets are, and a new form of crunchie that will make your lower abs go back to its pre-pregnant state! There are now 8 pregnant women in MOPS and the group has about 40 women attending. I am excited to have more friends to play with. This coming week they are having a play date at the park. Mommy and I are looking forward to having a picnic lunch and socializing. It should be really fun!
This coming Saturday I will officially be 8 months old. I am growing up fast!


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