Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Little Drew, or "Drewster" as my aunty Beth calls him is getting soooooooo big and strong. He is just amazing. He wants to stand all by himself and takes his hands away from you when you are trying to hold onto him. He is really getting to be very active and busy. He never stops! I have to hold him down with my arms when I rock him to sleep . Oh he hates it because he has figured out that the more he moves the less tired he feels. Once I hold onto him tight he falls asleep within minutes. He is also starting to pant like a dog. He started it yesterday. He goes around saying "who who who who who who who." What a kick, he really loves to entertain.

Drew turned 7 months old on his Nana's birthday. He is now fascinated with the whole world. He notices everything! He loves to go out in public and study things. He gets very focused and concentrates hard on objects and people. He really enjoys catching people's eyes and then gives them a huge smile. What a little love bug! Everyone loves to come over and tell him how cute he is. Drew really wants to start walking. He hates it when you put him on his bottom! When you are holding his hands as he stands he tries and takes his hands away. If he could talk he would say "I do it, I do it." Drew is just growing up too quickly for me.
His latest trick is sticking his bottom way up in the air as he tries to stand on his head. We think he is going to be real ly good at gymnastics. He is quite the little monkey!
Drew is so close to crawling! He just needs a little more upper body strength! Drew still has no teeth, we are anxiously awaiting his first tooth! He is always drooling and chewing on things. A few days this week he was really crabby because his teeth hurt.

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