Thursday, August 4, 2005

August 4, 2005

Guess what, I had a doctor's appointment this week and I had to get three icky shots; it was the first of 3 series of shots. I was not very happy, but mommy said that they are good for me. I ran a fever the first day, but felt much better after that. My 6 month checkup revealed the following stats:

Weight: 15 pounds 2oz (10-15 %)
Height: 24 ½ inches (3-5%)
Well I didn't inherit any tall jeans! Mommy has been calling me her "jolly green midget."

This week I played with my aunt Julie! I also started eating green beans. I really don't think green beans are very tasty. Daddy had a dentist appointment this week; he had a lot of cavities! I am lucky; I don't have any teeth yet.
My future uncle Ruben had his parents, Felix and Hilda Cabrera, visit from Puerto Rico this past week. We had dinner and desert with them on Saturday night. I really liked them! Mrs. Cabrera loved to hold and play with me! They are so sweet! I smiled and talked to them all evening. I think they may have liked me better than Aunt Julie (just kidding). Aunt Julie and Ruben are beginning to plan their wedding. They are going to get married next summer after graduation in Fort Worth Texas . I am really enjoying all this company!
Right now daddy and Aunt Julie are building something in the garage and mommy is going outside to water her plants! She is still hoping her tomato plants will produce some tomatoes, but her optimism is beginning to fade. As for me, I am off to bed!

Lots of slobbery kisses ......... Drew

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