Monday, August 29, 2005

August 29th, 2005
I am 7 Months and a week old!
This week I have been working really hard at crawling! I am getting so close. Just today I took scooches towards mommy all by myself. Give me two more days and I will have it all figured out.
I also discovered that mommy likes to eat a lot and not share any of her food with me! Today mommy was in Costco drinking a slushy and I had a huge fit because she wasn't sharing it with me. I now notice everything and won't let things slip past me! I notice being left in a room alone and when people eat right in front of me. I am always hungry too! My nana says that I eat just like my mommy use to when she was little. I gobble it all down and cry when there is no food left. I am yet to get full! I love to eat anything and everything. Lately when mom has been nursing me I have been getting very distracted. I have decided that people food tastes much better than milk, plus it is much quicker and messier to eat people food.
I am enjoying playing with my Nana! I watched everyone unpack her moving truck and was amazed at how many boxes had my name on them! I think Nana has enough children's books to start her own library! She brought me a slide, car, and cow from Oregon. Isn't that cool, I have my own car and cow at 7 months! I need to have mommy get my picture riding them around in the playroom.
It has been a really busy week so I better get off to sleep, come visit me soon!
Little Man

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