Sunday, August 14, 2005

August 14, 2005
Mommy told me that I could only write this letter and then I had to go to bed! I have not had my long naps the past few days so I am very cranky. I have tried the patience of everyone I've been around. When I am overly tired I won't nap for longer than 20 minutes and I fight sleep by screaming when I am put to bed. Last night I woke mom up three times because I really wanted to get up. Mommy says that it is so much easier to stay home and never go anywhere! Today at church the nursery workers had to page mommy to come get me because I was crying so hard. When she got there I was hysterical and had developed the hiccups. Then, after I was fed I wouldn't let her drop me back off in the nursery so Mommy and Daddy had to sit in the quiet room with me during the worship hour - I fell asleep in my favorite place - mommy's arms. Mommy does not like this separating anxiety that I have developed. Lately I won't even let Daddy console me, all I want is Mommy. Mommy says she is in despirate need of a break!
I had the best'est time this weekend; I went to visit Grandpa in Canton ! I got to see his really cool apartment and his kitty Oscar. Mommy said that Grandpa has really good decorating skills. His apartment was very nice! It wasn't really an apartment, more like a duplex down a quiet road covered with trees and grass. It was very peaceful. I really liked it! Aunt Julie, Uncle Ruben,
Mommy and I played at Grandpa?s for a while and then we went to the park where grandpa cooked us hamburgers. I wasn't allowed to have any though. Mommy made me eat some sweet potatoes, milk, and rice cereal. I especially liked the homemade sweet potatoes! Daddy surprised mommy last week with a baby food processor! Now mommy is making baby food out of everything - I think she is really getting dangerous with her new blender - the whole top of the freezer is covered in baby food jars! Anyway, back to the fun time I had with Grandpa. We fed the ducks and Uncle Ruben protected us from the ducks once the bread was all gone. Aunt Julie was really scared that the ducks were going to attack her, but I wasn?t scared! After we ate burgers, melon, corn on the cob, and cherries we went back to the apartment for some A.C. and a diaper change. After a while we all walked down to the local café and ate ice cream! We all had a great time!
Ugh oh, here comes Mommy, I better head off to bed. I hope to see you all soon.

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