Wednesday, July 13, 2005

July 13, 2005
I had such a great time visiting with my Grandpa Mike and Grandma Carol! They stayed for a week and I got to show them how I can sit up! Mommy can't believe how much I have accomplished this past week. I am sitting up all by myself and jabbering a lot. I have been cranky this past week though, Mommy says I am getting a tooth. I can't wait for my mouth to stop hurting.
Grandma & Grandpa worked all week on special projects around the house. Mommy had her grape arbor put together and lights put up over the garage. The neighbors though Grandpa Mike was doing such a great job that they asked him to put lights outside their house too! I had a lot of fun playing with everyone. Aunt Julie is also here - she is taking a college class in TCC so she will be able to watch me for the next 6 weeks.
Daddy was busy working on school and playing with Grandpa. Daddy's science class is almost finished. He just has a final left to study for. He is so smart, he has an A in one class and an 88% in another. He is hoping to get a good grade on the final and make straight A's.
Mommy has been busy taking pictures of me and working upstairs. She has been hanging out with friends and trying to keep the house clean.
Well, that?s about it for the week. I hope you all are having a fun and exciting summer.

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