Thursday, July 7, 2005

I am 5 1/2 months old!
July 7, 2005
Guess what! I had my first bo-bo this week; Mommy was scrapbooking with a friend and sat me in my boppy on the bench. Just as mommy was walking back to the table I slid off the bench and landed on the floor. My fall was cushioned by the table leg. I now have a bruised right eye. Daddy was so glad that my first accident wasn't because of him. Mommy is not going to be much more careful where she puts me from now on. She felt terrible!
Mommy & Daddy went out on a date this past Wednesday to a restraint called Joe T. Garcia's. They said the food was excellent. Mommy and Daddy had a very romantic evening of dining and music out on the restaurant's veranda. They came back in great moods! I stayed with a couple from church - Mike and Jill. I had such a great time playing! I didn?t even miss mommy and daddy when they were gone. I was having too much fun!
July 4 th mommy and daddy played around the house getting ready for all the company. Can you believe they are all coming to see me! Mommy also spent the 4th with her friend Nicole. They scrapbooked, went out of custard, and watched daddy blow up fireworks. Mommy also did some gardening over the three day weekend. Poor daddy had to study!
Grandpa Mike and Grandma Carol arrived on Wednesday to play with me! I have been a little fussy but am slowly getting use to having more people around. They think I am adorable but can't figure out where all my hair has gone. I have been smiling and cooing to them the past few days. Grandpa Mike is helping build mommy?s arbor and Grandma Carol has been knitting and making yummy food. Aunt Julie & Uncle Ruben also arrived on Saturday. We had a great time visiting! Julie and Ruben went to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth to look over the grounds for their wedding next year. I am having such a great time visiting with everyone! I even get to sleep in mommy and daddy's closet (in my port-a-crib)! I love how cozy it is and go right to sleep without even crying! Mommy thinks it is because it is so dark in there.
Well, mommy isn't feeling well. She had a Tetanus shot when she went in for her physical yesterday. Now she feels like she has the flue.She also might be a little light on her feet because this evening she was taking pictures of me taking a bath in the sink when she fell backwards into the tub and hit her head on the back wall. Ouch! Her digital camera was busted, but thank goodness Grandpa Mike and daddy came to the rescue and got the camera up and running again. I don't know what mommy would do if she couldn't take tons of pictures every day?
Well it is time for me to go sleep in the closet! I love you all!

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