Tuesday, June 7, 2005

June 7, 2005
What a great week we had! Drew is growing so quickly. He is already 19 weeks old. Drew, John and I all went swimming at the pool with some friends from the Dallas Police Academy over the weekend . Drew loved swimming in the big pool, he liked to slap the water with his hands and feet. He was so adorable in his big hat, sun glasses and binky. We couldn't stay out too long though; we didn't want his skin to burn. Over the weekend we also had a BBQ at our house with some church friends and neighbors. John even BBQ'd steaks! Drew has been talking up a storm, he jabbers non stop. I was on the phone with a co- worker and she could hear him through the phone. Everyone now knows I work from home!
Drew has been standing using our hands all week! His legs are getting so strong. He has the cutest little grins when he first stands up. Not to mention his cute little fat legs. He laughs and smiles and lifts his chest up and down. He is so proud of himself. He has also found his toes! He stares at them and grabs them with his hands. Speaking of hands, he has also realized that his fingers are always accessible. He constantly has his hands in his mouth. Lately, he I have caught him stuffing his thumb in his mouth. He has also discovered his mobile! I have to take it out of the crib when he is going down for a nap because he gets so distracted. He will pull on the little cars - from the door of his room all you can see are these little hands batting the cars back and forth. I also started feeding him his rice cereal from a spoon! He loves to eat from the spoon. We also tried a few organic apples but then realized that apples were making his reflux worse ... oops. What other firsts did we have? Oh, he has rolled from his back to his tummy today! He has only done it once so far, but he has mastered the tummy to the back.
God has been so gracious to us! We finally received our car back from the shop. We are hoping for no more car repairs for at least another 6 months. It was great to go to church this Sunday and worship. We had been gone for 2 weeks and then last week we didn't have transportation. We think we are going to sell John?s little two-seater and save up for a car we can all fit into. John has been super busy with school He is constantly studying and watching his Geology videos. He is such a great student! He has also been finishing up the shed along the side of the house and he just put up my new lattice for the climbing rose bush along the front of the house. I will have to post a picture of it, he did such a great job, I have been busy working and gardening, plus keeping up with the household chores. John has been so busy with school that he hasn't had a lot of free time to help me with some of the chores.
We are getting ready for our many summer visitors! Please feel free to drop on by, we love to have houseguests. So far this summer we have John?s dad Mike and his wife Carol coming, my sister who will be staying for 6 weeks while she takes a science class at the local community college. Plus, my mom will be moving to Texas in August. I can?t believe she has chosen the hottest month in Texas to make her appearance! She will want to move right back to Oregon after feeling the hot humid Texas air. You can see pictures of her new house under the picture section. We are also hoping for John's mom Patti to come visit us! If you see her, ask her when her next trip to Texas is planned. Little Drew can't wait for her to come and spoil him!
Talk to you all next week! Feel free to leave us messages on the comments section!
John, Melissa, & Drew

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