Sunday, June 19, 2005

June 19, 2005
Guess what! Mommy finally said I was old enough to start writing my thoughts down on the website! Isn't that fun!
Let me catch you up on my first 5 months. I was born in Grapevine Texas at the ripe old gestation of 35 6/7 weeks. I was named John Andrew Williams after my daddy. However, I am told that everyone calls me Drew because mommy didn't want to have two John in the house - it would be too confusing. Daddy told her that we would actually have 5 John's in the house but mommy just gave him an exasperated look. I don't get the joke, but maybe I will when I get a little older. I will be 5 months this Friday! Mommy can not believe time has gone so quickly. I weighed in at 14 pounds when mommy took me to the Doctors a few days ago. I just started sleeping through the night this past week. Mommy is so happy now! I go to bed around 8:00pm and wake up for an early morning snack around 6:00 am but go right back to sleep until 9:00am . Mommy likes it that way because she can get up, drink her Chai tea, and spend some time with the Lord. She is always happier when she has her morning quiet time so I don't mind sleeping in. I just decided this week that I like my thumb more than my passy - it is always around when I need it and is never dirty.
Mommy and Daddy bought me a new toy this week. They call it an activity center. I really like to stand up in it, but my legs are too short so mommy puts the Webster's dictionary under it. It is so much fun! I feel like such a big boy when I stand up in it.
Today I went and visited my Grandpa in Canton . We had a picnic at the State Park and went swimming in the lake. Mommy made a special cake for Grandpa's birthday and we had chicken and watermelon. I ate some organic sweet potatoes and rice cereal and then insisted on some yummy milk. I showed Grandpa how I like to stand and smile. Grandpa couldn't believe how big I have gotten. I will be crawling before you know it.
Daddy & mommy had a fun time relaxing and talking to Grandpa about the economy. I sat and listened for a while, but then got bored and insisted on a nap. Daddy enjoyed spending time relaxing. He has been so busy the past week working , going to school, and helping some friends from church with projects. Mommy and Daddy also graduated from their 2 Becoming One class last Sunday. They started the class when I was only one week old. They are sad the class is over but are reaping the rewards of the class on a daily basis. Daddy has also been working hard at school. He is such a disciplined student. Mommy and I are so proud of him. Someday he will teach me everything he knows about Ecology.

Happy Fathers Day.
Do you know I have the best Dad in the whole world? He is already an expert at changing my diaper and giving me a bath. I love to play in the garage with him. He shows me great tools and teaches me words like "Dewalt" and "Rigid".
I love my daddy, he is the best!

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