Tuesday, May 31, 2005

May 31, 2005
This week was a little rough. Our car was in the shop most of the week, so I tried to make the most out of being stranded at home. We took the car in when we came home from Oregon because the car would not start - it turned out to me the ignition switch. Then the day after we received the car back from the shop I drove it to home group, where it refused to start. The next day we had it towed to the shop where they determined the starter had gone out. However, it was late Friday by this time and it wouldn't be worked on until everyone was back on Tuesday. So, I finally get the car back this afternoon and take it for a stroll and what do you know, the brake light and the air bag light are on and the car is smoking. So, back to the shop again tomorrow. If we hadn't spent over $3,000 on the car in the past 4 months I would just sell it and buy something newer. So, please pray that the shop repairs the car tomorrow and doesn't charge us anything.

We had a nice three day weekend cleaning the house and finishing up some projects; John finished the gate to his new shed and I planted some more flowers. I also set another computer up in the guest room for John to use when he is going to school. John's classes started today - I am so proud of him. He is taking school very seriously; He rushed though dinner this evening so he could go study.

Drew was all smiles this weekend! We wanted to take him swimming, but the temperature didn't get warm enough. I hope we can take him this week! Drew has been rolling over a lot this week. He is also perfecting his stance! His favorite thing to do is stand up while holding daddy's hands. He also loves to read books! His favorite book is Adam, Adam, What Do You See. He loves to turn the pages all by himself. His is getting so big! He is wearing 3-6 month cloths, so you will start to see him in new outfits! He is still taking two naps a day, one from 10:00-1:00 and another from 3:00-5:30 . He is like clockwork, I love it!

John, Drew, and I had a great time visiting Oregon . We are still sad to be at home in Texas . The weeks after a trip home are always a little sad because we miss everyone and often wonder what everyone is doing. But, slowly we are getting back into our normal routines. Plus, we have many visitors to look forward to this summer! If you don't already have summer plans, we would love to have you visit!

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