Monday, April 4, 2005

April 4, 2005
Drew turned 10 weeks old tonight, another week has come and gone. This week Drew smiled a lot more and started to be more vocal. When he is happy he tries to make noises by opening his mouth and slowly making sounds. He tries so hard, but rarely does anything come out. I had my first all day outing on Saturday - Drew and I went to Canton Texas in search of treasure! We went with 6 other girlfriends from church - we all looked crazy dragging 3 breast fed infants under 4 months, one toddler, two regular strollers, one double stroller, and numerous changes of cloths all over the flea market. We had such a great time! A group of older ladies even commented that it was nice to see such happy moms out with their kids! All of us moms were thankful to get out of the house and eager to socialize! It was so much fun wandering around looking at the hundreds of booths decorated with things to buy. For those of you who are not familiar with Canton Texas ; this little town houses a very famous Flea Market for 5 days each month - rain or shine. The Flea Market is so large that people actually bring RV's and rent camping spaces in order to stay the whole time. I doubt that you could visit every booth in five days the place is so large. I bought a beautiful set of decorative plates for the bathroom. Also, I saw some furniture that I would like John to build for our house. If any of you come and visit us I promise to take you to Canton - it is quite an experience.
While Drew and I were there we met my dad, Drew's Grandpa, for dinner on our way out of town. We had a lot of fun chatting and catching up. Drew was cranky because he had missed his afternoon nap, but fell asleep halfway through dinner. My dad is doing very well and is enjoying his new job. He likes Texas and the small town of Canton . He is meeting new people, and even went fishing with a friend from work. It is really nice having him close so we can visit. He had a fun time watching Drew and was amazed at how big he was getting. I had to leave my dad some cute pictures of the baby since he doesn't have a computer.
Drew's tummy aches have been a lot less intense since we visited the Pediatrician last week. She suggested giving Drew 2 oz of Pedialite each day to help regulate his bowel movements. She also referred us to a specialist at Cooks Children's Hospital, but thankfully the Pedialite worked like a charm. He is no longer waking up every hour at night with stomach pains and he seems much happier after each feeding. I am so glad this was an easy fix!

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