Thursday, March 31, 2005

March 31, 2005
Drew had his doctor appointment this morning and weighed 10lbs 6oz! He is 21 3/4 in long and is in the 10th percentile for his weight and height. He is moving up the ladder, he was 1% in both when he was born.
March 27, 2005
It is 10:00 and Drew is sleeping! I have been trying to get him asleep by 10:00 pm so we both get a full nights rest - I tend to be a more peaceful mommy if I get good rest. This is the first night all week that he is actually asleep by 10:00 pm , the other nights he had his own agenda. I discovered that the trick is to not let him sleep past 5:00 in the afternoon, and then he is ready to start thinking about sleep around 9:00 . Drew's personality is beginning to take shape, he has been smiling and crying a lot this week - he is either happy or upset. He is rarely in the middle. Personality wise Drew is very much like me, happy to be hanging out at home and in a routine. I've noticed that when his routine is changed he gets cranky and scared.
This past Friday evening we went to the Putnam's house to visit with some friends. Drew was fine until 9:00, but after that he got very fussy and refused to fall asleep. Near the end of the evening he was so upset that he had a temper tantrum and almost passed out from screaming. The only thing that would console him was to nurse, but by the end of the evening he had eaten so much that he had a huge tummy ache. He cried most of the way home and then into the night. He didn't stop fussing until mid afternoon on Saturday when he finally passed all his milk through his diaper. I will be sure not to let him do that again!
This past Monday Drew's Grandma Patti arrived; she had such a fun time with Drew. In-between cuddling and singing to Drew she managed to go grocery shopping, cook three great meals, re-paint Drew's room, and help John put up three walls on his shed. She was very busy! She had a great time visiting and playing with the baby while I worked upstairs in the office. John was so sweet this week, he set up my office so all the cords are hidden and organized - it took him hours to get it done and two trips to Office Depot to buy longer cords. What a servant leader!
Drew's Aunt Julie and her friend Amy showed up on Thursday to visit and play! They watched Drew on Thursday night while John and I went on a date! We came home to a clean house and a very happy baby. On Friday afternoon we all went to a really crazy shop in L ouisville called Sam Moon. This store/warehouse sells purses, jewelry, and hats galore at very cheap prices. Julie and I bought matching purses - I know if I copy Julie I am sure to be in style! Drew was such a trooper; the store was so crowded that we had to carry him the whole time because the stroller was too big to maneuver around all the people.
Today was Easter! I took the most adorable pictures of Drew in his little train overall outfit that Grandpa Brian gave him. He was so cute because the bottoms of the overalls were so long that you couldn't see his feet. Everyone at church laughed! He still looks about two weeks old, everywhere we go people wonder why we are out and about with a new baby.
He was so good in his Sunday school class today, his teacher said he was such a cuddlier. She even sent Drew his own letter telling him how happy she is that he is in her class. Our family spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying a relaxing day at home. John and Drew slept and I cleaned the house - I did six loads of laundry! Drew woke up from his nap around 5:00 pm and we spent the evening playing in his room making faces at one another. I feel like a little kid again! Amidst the crying, spitting up, tummy pains, endless mounds of laundry and lack of sleep there is so much joy to be found. I remember asking a friend what she wishes she'd done more of when her first child was born. She said she wished she had spent more time interacting and playing with her baby instead of being distracted by other things. I am trying to spend time every day just rocking, talking, and playing with Drew. Drew loves to be tickled and is smiling at me when I make my voice high pitched or tickle his cheek. Drew and I entertained daddy tonight by showing him how Drew can lift his upper body towards me and get kisses. He also spent about ½ hour smiling and cooing at us. I can't remember a better evening! After John left for work I gave Drew a bath and then we snuggled in the rocker for 45 minutes. He is such a little cuddle bug! He loves to lay his head on your chest and just lay peacefully looking into your eyes. It has really become clear that he does not like a lot of chaos and excitement - it makes him nervous and fearful. He gets very unsure and scared if we are somewhere strange and there is a lot of activity. I think his personality will be a lot like mine, quiet, cautious, reserved, and shy. He also has my temper and impatience - oops. When Drew smiles he looks just like his daddy. I think Drew is developing his daddy's humor and joyful personality. Drew's cheek-to-cheek smile is a killer - watch out girls!
God was so gracious to give us such a wonderful child; we are so blessed to be Drew's parents. I love being a mom and look forward to the quiet evenings Drew and I spend laying on the floor looking at books or gazing into each other's eyes. John enjoys taking Drew out into the garage to play, but can't wait until he is a little older and can show him how to use the power tools! Drew loves his daddy and spends a lot of his morning naps sleeping on John's chest. They are so cute - father & son! Our family is so blessed and thankful for the Lord's provisions. I pray that we would walk in God's light and shine our lights before all men; may we not get off course by earthly distractions but keep our eyes fixed on the eternal prize of life. Life can be so hard, but God is so good to walk His children through it!
"And this is His commandment that we believe in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, just as He commanded us." 1 John 3:23

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