Monday, March 21, 2005


Eight weeks ago tonight I was finally able to lock eyes on my little boy for the very first time. I remember holding him in my arms the entire first night . I did not want to let him out of my sight. I was so excited to finally be a mommy that I stayed awake all night long just snuggling with my baby. John was so wiped out from assisting with the labor and overwhelmed with the idea of being a dad that he slept on a cot in my hospital room all night long . he did not wake up once. He even snored! Drew was so sweet, he slept off and on that first night but when he was awake he would just gaze into my eyes. He looked so content and peaceful . like he knew he was safe and secure with me. Eight weeks later things are about the same. Drew still loves to be close to his mommy and daddy. He has started to cry when other people hold him and then wants to nurse to pacify himself. He still longs to sleep with mommy at night and hates to sleep the night in his own crib. I did not mind too much because John works nights and it is only me and the cats in bed. This past week Drew, Daddy, and I have started a bedtime routine:

10:00 Stories & Snuggles
10:15 Prayers & Lullaby CD gets turned on
(Thanks Matt & Natalie, Drew loves the CD you gave him)
10:20 Mommy sings, Jasmine and To-Ra-Loo-Ra
(In honor of Great Grandma Boots, Johns Grandma, who sang it to all her grandchildren)
10:30 Rocking and more Cuddles then off to sleep

I did not do the routine on Sunday night and Drew through the biggest fit, I guess he likes his special routine.

This past Sunday was Drews first trip to the nursery at church. It was harder on mom than son. Drew was such a good baby; sleeping most of the time in the swing. We then went out to lunch with Zack and Nicole & Matt and Natalie, friends from church. They had fun passing him around, and I enjoyed the break.

Grandma Patti surprised me this morning with a Spring Break visit! She dropped in from Oregon to help out for a few days. John has a lengthy project list that Patti is helping him complete! Yeah, I will finally get the shed built in the backyard.

Well, it is almost Tuesday so I better get some sleep!

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