Thursday, February 17, 2005

4 Week Recap - Oh how life has changed!

February 17th - I can't believe how fast the past three weeks have gone by. Drew will be one month old on February 21st. The first two weeks all Drew did was sleep. I even had to recant that "never wake a sleeping baby" statement because I had to wake him up every hour and a half to feed him. I just couldn't understand why people thought the first 6 weeks were the hardest!
Well, about a week ago Drew finally turned into a real baby! He is now awake all the time demanding to be fed. I even gave him some formula the other night - which I swore I would never do! I am finding myself eating many of my words now that the baby is actually here. I have now experienced reality! Everything I do is somehow related to the baby. I am so tired and my house is a disaster. The few amount of cloths I fit into have spit up all over them and I haven't had the time to wash them yet.
My mother was here for two weeks helping out, but had to leave on the 12th. She was such help! She got me caught up, but I am amazed at how short a time it has taken for everything to fall apart again. There are half done dishes, and laundry all over the house! Oh well, John's mother will be visiting next week so I will have an extra set of hands! I can't wait!
Well I better go, Drew is screaming in his swing. That's my call to get moving.

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