Thursday, December 9, 2004

First Blog Post

2004 goes down in history as the year I made my life public. I guess with so much happening during my first pregnancy and so many people praying for our little family, it just made sense.  So I am sitting here on confined bedrest in the hospital, listing to Fernando Ortega and sipping tea which doesn't taste very good. I have writers block, what does one write for her very first post?
12 weeks pregnant

December 9th - Today I went in for another checkup. My doctor is worried that I am having too many contractions, I am only 26 weeks along and 2 cm dilated. The good news is I can't feel any of the contractions! So, with much anticipation and nerves I drove over to Baylor Grapevine hospital to be admitted for a few days of observation. I called John, who was at work, he rushed right over and spent the night with me. What a man! The chair/bed they gave him looked so uncomfortable!
That night I was put on magnesium to stop my contractions. The medication was awful and it made me feel like I had the flue. John was so wonderful! He attended all my needs and even put the nurses in great moods with his humor!

27 weeks pregnant on bedrest
I am homesick and want to go home, I'm not sure how I would do all this without John! I feel like I'm in the middle of a bad dream. This is already my second hospitalization, I've been home on bedrest since the beginning of November. Is this ride over yet? I can't think ahead - I have so many weeks still ahead of me. It is hard to take this journey one day or moment at a time.

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